X’s AND O’s

Dear reader,

If only life were all x’s AND O’s, wouldn’t it be nice? #beachboys……

I am an avid dreamer, and I always want to reach for the stars, so today I’m going to stretch my arms out to those darn stars again, and wish for us all to have peace of mind. As an adult, there are always forces pushing us in all directions, yet which is the direction we choose? Have we deducted time off of our own lives spending moments colliding with other people’s dreams and expectations of who we are, and who we want to continue to grow to be?

I knew a man once, he had literally everything money can’t buy most of us, and he and everyone in his life was successful. His life seemed so fabulous, even I was fooled for a time, of the overall scheme of pretend. The more this man got, the less he was himself. The more this man worked the more he had to venture to create more useless work. The more friends he had the more foes he gained. For years, I watched this man, deteriorate. The saddest part was he was ok with melting himself to appease a bunch of viewers who hated his movie of a life anyway.

So why do I bring this up? What does it have to do with X’s and O’s? Well, it’s rather simple; life is more decadent when it’s spent sweetly. I am a person who has had to dig deep to realize that knowing this simple way, can be life changing. Think about it.. some examples; even if you had everything you wanted and then some, what would life be like at those high moments if there was no sun? Ever. How would you feel if you never got or gave a real hug, although you could afford to pay someone to like you? How would you feel if you had everything, and the good in you sank away like the heart diamond in the Titanic movie?

  • For some, maybe it’s easier to live life without cherishing its simplicities and not finding importance in the things we can all indulge in, but that will never can never be someone like me. Maybe for some a dream is to reach for goals that are tangible, for me, most of my dreams are not physical things. Peace of mind for all, is one of them. Yet, maybe you, the one reading this needed to remember it’s ok if you’re still working hard to reach those goals you haven’t yet, and it’s ok to see things simpler, and indulge in life’s every day miracles, without becoming a lesser version of yourself. Maybe, YOU, yes you, needed to read that, from someone who understands that life isn’t some competition, or excuse to knock people down along the way, rather a gift, as only the truly good hearted can BE, to live it. Enjoy it. Make a stamp on it.
  • Stay Safe&SmartπŸ’•

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